curing systems

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TRX Series

The TRX Series is a conveyor oven designed for high production shops with an eye on production control and consistency by utilizing touch screen programs for repeatability and added control.


UltraSierra X-Series  2

Based on the proven curing accuracy of the TRX series, the UltraSierra ovens, feature digital temperature and belt control in a wide range of sizes.



Utilizing the temperature and belt speed controls found in the UltraSierra, the Sierra is an affordable and efficient curing system.



Designed for small spaces, the PonyDryer provides the consistency and reliability needed for volume production.

Features Comparison
Machine TRX UltraSierra X-series Sierra PonyDryer
Minimum Power required 208V, 1Ø 208V, 1Ø 208V, 1Ø 120V, 15A
Belt widths available 36", 48", 60" 36", 48", 60" 36" 20", 36"
Belt lengths available 9', 11', 15' 9', 11', 15' 7', 9' 4', 6', 7'
Control Package Touch Screen Digital Digital/Analog Analog