• Direct-drive X-Y-Z micro registration
  • Precision milled, case hardened steel registration gate has a 7 year warranty
  • Side clamps for solid holding power
  • Individual head off-contact control
  • Durable heavy steel construction
  • Aluminum platens
  • Quick release platens
  • Factory assembled
  • Heavy duty base with a full length center shaft
  • Sealed roller bearings surrounding the full length center shaft
  • Sealed roller bearings at all the print head pivot points
  • Single rail or dual rail platen leveling available
  • Accepts all standard Brown attachments.


historically proven reliability
Direct-Drive X-Y-Z micro registration
durability throughout


designed for the Master printer

Over the past 25 years these ruggedly constructed machines have built a reputation of being maintenance free, holding perfect registration and of having the finest “direct drive” micro adjustment system available. MasterPrinters are equipped with every convenience that an experienced press operator will be sure to appreciate.

Features such as side clamps, hardened steel registration gates and direct-drive micro registration systems take the MasterPrinter into the premium level of printing equipment. Added the benefits of compatibility with the ElectraPrint series of automatic printers and the Set-N-Go pre-registration system make this the ultimate manual press for a high volume manual print shop.

MasterPrinter MP-444 MP-644 MP-666 MP-844 MP-888
Colors 4 6 6 8 8
Stations 4 4 6 4 8
Platen Size 16" x 20" 16" x 20" 16" x 20" 16" x 20" 16" x 20"
Suggested Screens Size 20" x 24" od 20" x 24" od 20" x 24" od 20" x 24" od 20" x 24" od
Length/Width/Height 98" x 98" x 47" 108" x 108" x 47" 108" x 108" x 47" 128" x 128" x 47" 128" x 128" x 47"
Crated Weight 500 lbs 750 lbs 820 lbs 900 lbs 950 lbs



These units speed up the set up of all jobs with quick screen load and pinpoint registration.


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